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TOPP REVIVE Composite Teardrop Paddle

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Greg Stoner

Member LOW Pickleball Club

Voting Member HOA Pickleball/Tennis Advisory Committee

The TOPP Revive Composite Teardrop Pickleball Paddle is, according to the manufacturer, “the lightest composite paddle released by TOPP Pickleball, Inc. to date.” This paddle is very light compared to the paddles that I presently use, which both weigh 7.7 ounces. I also have a band of lead tape on the top of these paddles making them a little heavier. With that in mind, it took me quite a few games to get the feel of the lighter REVIVE paddle. Once I got the feel for the paddle, I really liked it. I could tell that this paddle has a large sweet spot which enabled me to have a lot of control and ball placement. I loved the long handle which helped me with control, accurate placement, and a lot of “smashing” power. For someone who is looking for a light weight paddle, either because of limited arm and/or wrist strength or who wants control and placement ability with power, then this is the paddle to have. Don’t get me wrong. This paddle will still generate power for a big time return smash. Also, I felt more comfortable with this paddle when dinking than with my present paddles. I just had a better feel for the ball and felt like I had more placement ability. One of our top players, who also played several games with the REVIVE paddle, said that it “was smooth and easy to use, yet powerful and very accurate. I was surprised the weight was not heavy nor light, but had enough to put some power shots together.”
The Lake of the Woods (LOW) Pickleball Club of Locust Grove VA would like to sincerely thank PickleballCentral and Charlsey Webster, Affiliate Program Manager for PickleballCentral, for the wonderful opportunity to demo this paddle. It is always a pleasure to work with PickleballCentral and Charlsey who are in the forefront of helping pickleball grow throughout the world.

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